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Is it time your venture needs new blood?

Rose Muthoni @rosemuthoniN

As your business grows so does its human resource strategy require a rethink. When the venture requires new talent and skills, you might have to retrain, reassign or let go your current workforce.

A reason for the ‘ditch’ might be necessary if your employees lack required skills or are simply not trainable.

Recognising these signs might mean the difference between whether your business grows, remains static or folds altogether.

Letting go of staff who have been there since the launch of your business is not easy. These workers have shared your vision and got your venture where it is – if successful!

Chances are that there are few strategies including retraining them that you can employ to prevent layoffs. But it may be time to shoot new blood into the mix.

Here are signs that your old team is not working anymore:

When you are the only one looking into the future:

If your team is the kind that believes you do not need to fix what is not broken, then it is time to start looking for new blood.

Worse still, especially as the workload piles, your team members might only be concerned with beating deadlines. As an entrepreneur, contentment is not a trait that would serve your purpose. So replacing a team member might be all you need to wake up the rest.

Mistakes keep piling

If customers complain over and over again about delayed supplies or quality of service then the writing is on the wall. If you have given warning after warning about laxity in the workplace but have not registered any improvement, this is a tell tale sign that your staff could simply not be bothered about your business anymore. Before you fire someone, however, check that your quality control is in tip top shape.

Burned out employees

When an employee feels they have given too much to your start-up and they do not have anymore to give, then you are in trouble. If their negativity starts affecting your bottomline, then unfortunately, they may have to go.

Skills gap

When everyone agrees that new systems need to be employed, for example, online inventory but none of your employees has the skills, then looking for new talent is inevitable.

Sometimes, those who are able to carry out this task are unwilling and keep pushing it aside in hope that it will go away. Such employees, who could care less about growing your business are a bad cancer that needs to be cut off.

Overperfoming and underperfoming workers

At face value, overperfoming might seem good. Trust me, overperformers are often times trying to hide weakness or two and in overdoing tasks, they end up introducing costly blunders in the business.

In some instances, overperformers also cover up for underperfoming employees. Look out for these kind of employees and cut this in the bud before it is too late. In the same breath, if your employees try to ‘oversell’ themselves to you, something is amiss. They just might be worried that others have more skills than them or they are probably aware that you are looking for new talent.

Same people, same conflicts

When employees share in your dream, then things work out smoothly. If rows keep cropping up, then you need to find out whether you are stretching them beyond their capabilities.

If these signs are already inherent in your business, it is time to take stock of your staff’s strength and weaknesses. The success of your business depends on this.

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