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Fine in art

Tell us about yourself

I am Sheila Sheldone and I’m nine years old. I go to Lighthouse International School, Nyali, where I am in Year Four.

When did you start drawing?

My mother tells me I started when I was five years old. I would pick scraps of paper and draw the cartoons I saw on the television or in books. My teachers from my previous school also noticed my gift and encouraged me to keep on drawing.

What kind of support have you received when it comes to developing your talent?

My current school is very supportive when it comes to drawing. My previous school wanted me to remain there when I was being transferred. My mother plays a big role. At home, she buys me drawing paper and I have a set with all sorts of drawing pencils, erasers and sharpeners that I need to draw.

What are some of your highlights so far?

I drew my governor, Ali Hassan Joho, and got to meet him. I have also met Kwale governor Salim Mvurya. I have drawn President Uhuru Kenyatta, Raila Odinga, Governor Mike Mbuvi and Churchill too. I hope to meet them too.

Do you have any challenges?

I haven’t started using paint yet. It is something I am learning to do. I also have not been well recognised for my art yet. I want to be the best youngest artist and even start getting paid for my talent.

What else do you do apart from drawing?

I enjoy playing football, netball, the piano and dancing. I’m also good at reciting poems and I design outfits. During the Platinum Marketing Agencies event last year in Mombasa, I dressed up all the children who took part in the catwalk. Two months ago, I began modelling.

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