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A tale of two Jikoni’s

I find the name Jikoni’s such a cool name for a club; it makes you think of a posh place. Anyway let me take you through my night escapades at Jikoni’s, both in Nairobi and Nakuru.

Let me start with Jikoni’s Nairobi, located along Kiambu Road. The joint is set on an open space, with ‘face-me’ wooden seats giving it a rustic look; nothing overly modern.

The sitting area is just enough to handle a solid crowd of people, such that you wouldn’t fight for space. A mix of both mature and young crowd frequents the club. The service can be termed as commendable, as the club has sufficient number of waiters and waitresses.

However, there was something that really put me off — the washrooms! When I was there, not long ago, the facilities looked completely neglected at 10pm on a Sunday. Considering washrooms are a must go to place when you’re indulging in alcohol, there’s an unwritten rule they should be a priority when it comes to cleanliness.

They also looked spooky, not well lit and the distance from some spots within the club is a long one. So, anytime I had to take a visit was accompanied by a “ooh no, not again!”

I’m not the kind of girl who likes to use mobile money or credit or debit cards, but I found their ‘no cash’ policy, a great system for a business. It can be hectic for some customers, but it works smoothly for the bar owner.

Unlike its sister in Nairobi, Jikoni’s Nakuru is located in a more upscale area, Milimani, next to Sarova Woodlands. It still has a rustic feel to it and feels more organised.

I would describe it as a big house turned into a clubhouse. It has a sitting space upstairs, downstairs and outdoors. It has not picked up yet, but maybe it’s because revellers are still holding on to club 7D along the main highway. Jikoni’s Nakuru is less packed, but I didn’t enjoy the music.

But one thing that clicked with me was the set up and the food. The washrooms were sparkling clean and not too far for access. What stands out in both Jikonis is there is a manager who goes round asking if customers are okay, a plus for good customer service.

Food and drinks are pocket friendly, but I really have to be petty before I end this review. Why is a plate of fries sold at Sh250? Neither the quantity nor the quality reflects the price. Not that they were that bad, but they weren’t all that.

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