Former NYS casual labourers up in arms over sacco savings

Hundreds of former National Youth Service (NYS) casual employees in Kajiado county are up in arms over access to their savings.

The 900 youth were contracted last year to clean towns and unclog sewage lines around the county. Each was paid Sh471 and Sh141 deducted daily as savings to help them after the contract.

The youth claim to have been directed to open individual accounts which the savings would be remitted after the contract expiry. However, after the contract they claim to have been told to form 15-member saccos to access their savings as loans.

“At first, we were told the deductions from our daily pay are savings we would later get to start a small business. We now being directed to access the money as loans and you must have a job to access it,” said James Sosoika.

Most youth claim they have been subjected to humiliation and intimidation when following up their savings.

“We call upon the government to come to our aid and ensure we get justice by getting what we saved. We are jobless and we cannot meet the set requirements to qualify for the loans,” said Dominic Mwendo.

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