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Kanda Junior, entertainer

Best job you ever had?

The one I am currently doing; dancing and entertaining.

Biggest misconception?

That I drink and smoke. I actually have kept off any form of drug abuse and it has helped me a lot in my career and social life. Also, some people think I’m related to Kanda King, which is not so. But he’s my mentor.

Worst mistake you regret?

I take every mistake as a lesson in future.

Best thing about being in love?

That you know you have someone who’s got your back no matter what and you can literally run through brick walls.

Best advice you ever got?

Be more focused on what you love and you will enjoy every bit of it.

Sweetest act anyone has done for you?

When my close friends threw me a surprise birthday party. I couldn’t hold back the tears.

Lowest moment in your life?

Coming to terms with the loss of my parents.

Highest point in your career?

When I was invited to perform in Germany for a month tour as a solo dancer.

Best childhood memories?

My first kiss with my crush, Joyce, on top of a tree. That was memorable because it happened quite often and no one got to find out.

Worst advice you have ever received?

I once had a manager who advised me not to take any gig only to find out later he was working in cahoots with our competitors. It discouraged me, but I got back on my feet.

Biggest addiction?

Listening to music.

One thing you love about being an entertainer?

It gives me satisfaction to see people enjoying and dancing to my music. 

Lowest and highest amount of money you have ever been paid?

Highest would be Sh200,000 for a gig that I attended for two hours. Lowest would be Sh500 while my entertaining journey was still fresh.

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