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Best burgers in town?

have been so meaty lately, I really think I need to try and control my beef intake.  It’s goanna be hard, but I think I will at least try. 

This week, I take you through my experience at Urban Gourmet, a restaurant located at Two Rivers shopping mall, Ruaraka in the outskirts of Nairobi city. I have been here before for the Burger Festival, but I didn’t have a chance to experience their menu, apart from the specific offerings during the fete.

I had visited Two Rivers the other day and I wanted to have something different and because it happened to be the Wine Festival Week, I also wined away.  The Urban Gourmet here is a bit small compared to the more familiar Westgate Mall eatery at Westlands. 

Whoever the chef is at Urban Gourmet, I would like to congratulate him or her on winning my foodie heart. Not all chefs get to impress me.  Burgers are not my first choice, especially because they are messy, but I was dining with my friends, which means chills were out of the window.

Beef burgers served with pickles, onion rings and coleslaw salad. Photo/FAITH KYOUMUKAMA

The place wasn’t as crowded as I had expected on a Sunday afternoon, which is probably why the waiter was quick to attend to our orders.

We were lucky because the Sloppy Joe Burgers came with a free milkshake.

For a while there, I wasn’t so sure if I could finish my meal, but I finally did.

Basically, Sloppy Joe Burger is a seasoning of mixtures that boost ground beef that are high on juicy flavour. My burger was served with a side plate of onion rings, fries and coleslaw. I only ate the onion rings because the burger with fries was too much food! 

My date had the French Connection Burger, which has caramelised onions and blue cheese. If you know me, I had to take a bit of it too. I love blue cheese but this one is for salty burgers types.

I prefer my burgers medium rare and at Urban Gourmet, they know that ‘medium rare’ does not mean ‘pink-all-through’,  nor does ‘well done’ mean nyamachoma-like dry. It’s a refreshing change. 

A third friend with us had ordered for a bread crumbed chicken burger, which for real, I wouldn’t go for. I find it too dry for the mouth; maybe without the bread crumbs, it could be moist and better in taste. (It makes me wonder how people get to indulge in waffles and fried chicken, which I must experience soon).

Truth is, the burger is tasty, but you really can’t eat it without making a mess on the tablecloth. Most of the grounded beef ends up on your food tray! 

I also drunk just one glass of wine, but win-de-table tends to make me sleepy, so I switched to some capital ‘C’ cocktails. I love whisky-based cocktails, so I ordered a White Russian while my date settled for vodka–the pink slut!

After tasting both cocktails I was happy with my choice. I really don’t mean to brag, but I have pretty good palate; most of the things I go for in the menu turn out great.  So in case you want to have a great meal at a restaurant, I suggest you call me and be ready to pay for the meal. Call it consultancy fee!

Urban Gourmet is known for its burgers, so if you feel like a burger go to a place you won’t feel disappointed. If I could rate this place for their burgers, I would give them five stars. Plus I love how they consider having a kiddy menu for children.  The burgers are affordable too, ranging from Sh940 to Sh1,100. Hopefully, you can always get one that fits your budget.

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