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Featuring International model, Lolita Kozyreva

International model, Lolita Kozyreva, is lighting the runways of 254. Currently, the brand ambassador of Koki Designs, Lavis International, Burlesque Bridal and Platform, she speaks to Sandra Wekesa about her seven years journey of modelling

My fashion journey began…when I was 13. It was around this time I discovered my love for the art. My classmate who was in an agency in Russia came across my photo and advised me to join a training school. This took about nine months before I set off to become a runway model. It wasn’t until later in the game I changed my path and decided to venture into photo modelling.

My most memorable moment…has been every moment I take to the catwalk.  It’s not as easy as it looks — you can trip or even get an attire that’s just off or doesn’t work with your body type; a lot can go wrong in a short time.

The one thing they don’t tell you about the world of high fashion is…always make sure any changes made to an outfit are done when you are ready to hit the runway. You don’t want a case where an outfit is a size smaller.  Take the other day where I had to get a team to help me into a gown.  And it wasn’t that the fit was small, just more the mechanics of the design.

I have had the pleasure of working with…a lot of people, but my most recent one is Divalicious. I am also the brand ambassador of Kenyan brands Koki Designs, Lavis International and Burlesque Bridal.

My day begins…on a very good note I must say. I am a mother of two, so I always have to make sure my firstborn is off to school early. I always rush to watch the sunrise, that’s the favourite part of my morning. While at it, I do yoga for about 20-40 minutes.

My all-time favourite designers are…Gucci and Versace. I also  love Koki Designs. They always bring out the best in what I want.

The one thing I think every man should dare attempt is…bright official looks. Think yellow, red — I think they’d look great, and thus more men should embrace colours. Personally, dull clothes freak me out. I feel out of place when I have on  a lot of dark pieces.

I believe everyone should own…a perfume. It is essential, especially when it comes to women. Well, other than that, it gives us good scent despite the gender.

If I wasn’t a model I would have opted for…the world of design. I would have been one of the great designers.

I would pick out my favourite accessory…as anything to match with what I have on. I do not have a specific accessory because I love unique pieces and always try to find them all over the world. However, my go-to accessory is anything African — I fell in love with this place.

My fashion obsession is…everything colourful. I have to say though, dresses are my biggest obsession. I don’t know how I would feel going to an occasion in a trouser.

I stock up mostly on…African prints. I love them because they are bright coloured.

My signature scent is…Chick Shaik Number 33, although I have a number of perfumes. A lot of the time, I settle on a scent depending on what I’m wearing, occasion — something that keeps me in the mood. It can be Carolina Herrera, Givenchy or Gucci.

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