Keep off Kikuyu rites, elders caution PCEA

Kikuyu Council of Elders has cautioned the Presbyterian Church of East Africa (PCEA) against interfering with its cultural activities. The elders urged the church to keep off its activities which are “sacred and beyond reproach.”

They insisted that their traditional ceremonies are not against Christian teachings to warrant their members being banished.

Reacting to reports that the church leadership has warned its male followers against taking part in all the cultural activities conducted by them, the elders asked the church head Reverend Julius Mwamba to meet them to be appraised on the goat eating ceremony and other activities.

The elders spoke at Kikuyu Gardens during a meeting which was attended by close to 3,000 members drawn from the entire country,  to reconcile two wrangling factions within the council.

Addressing the press, sage Dominic Ngera said the PCEA moderator was misinformed about the cultural activities conducted by the elders saying  the ban on church members from goat-eating ceremony is ill-advised.

The ceremony is an initiation where men are taken through the Kikuyu rites before becoming Muthuri wa Kiama (Kikuyu elder).

Saying the elders are not engaging in evil activities because most of them are members, he said it is wrong for the church to fight culture and traditions of any community. 

Mwacha mila ni mtumwa. (Whoever abandons their traditions is a slave). We must follow our culture and traditions strictly  because even the Holy Bible does not demonise traditions,” said Ngera.

“Let Mwamba come and get information from the council of elders and he will be better placed to address matters relating to our cultural rites,” he added.

Last week, the church warned its male members against participating in activities conducted by the elders saying they risk excommunication.  The church termed some of the cultural practices as ungodly.

Ngera decried rising cases of gayism, lesbianism and polyandry in the country.  He condemned the unions saying hey are likely to cause  problems to families and the nation.

Elder Njathi wa Mbatia urged leaders across the political divide to stop politicking and instead focus on delivering their pledges to Kenyans.

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