Land grabbers descend on Kabete veterinary land

Land grabbers working in cahoots with senior government officials have descended on Directorate of Veterinary Services (DVS) headquarters in Kabete and issued quit notices to staffers allegedly occupying their property.

Yesterday, Livestock Principal secretary Harry Kimutai, who visited the staffers who appealed to the National Lands Commission(NLC) to come to their rescue, vowed action against those behind the grabbing of public property.

“How do thugs descend on a land that is not theirs and begin to demolish houses that belong to someone? It is an issue that needs to be regulated, and through that, we will demolish houses constructed on public lands,” he said.

The PS asked the Lands ministry to survey the grabbed property and reclaim it. “As per now about 1,500 hectares of land has been grabbed and we will make sure we reclaim it,” said Kimutai.

It has emerged that the grabbers have reportedly been issuing vacation notices to DVS workers living within the premises, with some erecting structures on the land illegally. One of those served an eviction notice is Bernard Karanja, a senior staff at the veterinary department, who has been told to immediately vacate his house.

According to Karanja, a group of about 200 men on Saturday stormed his home in the wee hours and started the demolition.

“I heard my dog barking and decided to peep through my window, I saw a lorry parked outside my house and men were carrying poles as they demolished my house, I didn’t have any idea of what exactly was going on so I begged them to give me time to vacate the house,” he said.

Karanja said he was only saved by police who responded to his distress call and arrested six of the  youth while the rest managed to escape.

In another section of the land about 200 churches and rental houses have been constructed on the public land with “new owners” evicting the DVC staff with ruthlessness and rendering families homeless.

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