Boinnet in new plan to end suicides in force

Brian Musyoka @PeopleDailyKe

National Police Service (NPS) has introduced an open door policy to deal with personal pressures  affecting officers at all levels.

The mechanism targets vulnerable members in the lower cadres of the  service to minimise suicide cases which are on the rise.

Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinnet said failure to address grievances and concerns by officers has  led to depression forcing some of them to kill themselves and members of their  families.

Speaking on his behalf during this year’s Joint prayers and thanksgiving Service for Uniformed Disciplined Forces  at Our Lady of Assumption Catholic Church in Embu town, Deputy Commissioner Paul Wanjama said some of the problems affecting police officers are human and advised those in command to be open and listen to their concerns.

Embu Catholic Bishop Paul Kariuki reminded Kenyans that security  officers are human beings and must be treated as such.

He said police at times face more challenges in the line of duty including death and as a society, we must learn to appreciate their commitment to protect life and property.

The service was attended by attended by Service Commanders from the Police, Administration Police, Kenya Wildlife Service Prisons Department and Forest Service.

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