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Matatu gossipers have a place in hell!

The other day, I was just sitting in a matatu, reading The Curious Incident of The Dog In the Night-time, when someone seated behind me loudly blurted: “Haiya, huyo in yule mama hupigwa kila siku na bwanake kwa plot yetu.”

Of course, myself and other passengers looked up to the door to see who the mama was. There were no vacant seats in the front or middle section, so she had to squeeze herself through the narrow aisle space all the way to the back seats.

And since she and the gossiping brat were neighbours, they said a quick “hello” as she made her way to her seat. What a two-faced human this loud-mouthed gossiper was?

I didn’t turn back to look at her though, but I’m sure she smiled as she said “hi” pretending she was surprised to see her; as if she didn’t just air her neighbour’s linen in public.

Back to the gossiper, her companion was not happy with her embarrassing bad-mouthing loud tone. He immediately asked her why she felt the need to say such a thing so loud.

This was clearly uncalled for. Such things happen in matatus a lot. I can’t even tell you how much of gossip I’ve unwillingly been fed in PSVs. I’m sure some of you can relate.

People can’t just wait to alight and talk about whatever they want. They don’t even bother to tone down if they are really itching to spill it out. I just think we should learn to mind our business and probably put our noses into books, or learn some manners!

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