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Meet Brian Nadra – musician

Which is your latest gadget?

Wireless Sony headphones. I am really enjoying the no-cable move.

How is it of benefit to you as an artiste?

The headphones produce crystal clear sound, where as an artiste, I explore the various elements of music in terms of production quality. I can identify a good producer by just listening to music.

You have an Android phone. Why did you prefer it to an iPhone?

I chose to stick to what I am familiar with. Not to say that I am afraid to try new things or technologies, but I am the kind to stick to what I know best. To be honest I have never owned an iPhone.

Which gadget or appliance do you mostly use at home?

It’s definitely the microwave. At home, anytime is snack time, so there is a lot of ‘one-minute warm-ups’ even in wee hours of the night. I bet the microwave is the best invention after the sliced bread… Hahaa

Which phone app do you mostly use?

That would be Microsoft Word, because that’s where I do most of my writing, and I write a lot. MS Word is for sure my most trusted and valued application.

What would you be if you were a gadget?

I definitely would be a television and have ‘all eyes on me’. I like attention and I believe I am in the right career.

What is the worst gadget you’ve ever had?

That would be Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge that I lost after a month. I had big plans for ‘us’ and we were just getting to know each other, then she just died… quite literally.

One gadget you cannot stay without?

That would be my mobile phone. It is my primary workstation, and of course to stay connected to family, friends and business. Misplacing it, leave alone losing it, would be so sorrowful.

You are signed to Decimal Records. What fascinates you the most inside the studio?

I have always wondered how the mixer works. Whoever invented that intriguing machine must have been the biggest genius ever!

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