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Racheal Mwangi, owner, Big Boss Designs

Why that name?

Big Boss is a nickname that was given to my husband while in school for his skill in tying a tie perfectly and donning his school uniform clean and smart.

He could neatly tie ties for his older schoolmates, who gave him the nickname. It was then a no brainer when it came to picking a name to roll out a business that would provide clothing and accessories for gentlemen.

What inspired you to start the business?

It was out of our own wedding experience. My husband wanted a particular shade for his ceremonial suit and couldn’t find it. The groomsmen were also in need of a shade of yellow that could go with the theme, and this was somewhat difficult too.

We ended up in Europe where we found various options, which were not readily available in Nairobi at the time. After receiving several inquiries from friends on where to get items, we decided to embark on sourcing for specific needs, which informed opening Big Boss Designs in 2012.

What are some outfit ideas for the father of the groom or bride?

The classic tuxedo for a luxurious wedding. Suit jackets with side vents are also great.

What is the 2018 wedding men’s wear trend in Kenya?

Floral, which includes floral shirts and ties. Another emerging trend is the best man and groomsmen dressing in the same colour as the groom, but he has a different style or slightly different shade.

What is the price range for your suits or attires?

Due to the various needs and demographics of customers, we source for suits ranging between Sh10,000 and Sh38,000.

What’s craziest demand a client has ever made?

We once had to open shop in the wee hours because seams of the groom’s outfit bought elsewhere had ripped on his way to their meeting point, and he needed a replacement. He ended up buying a whole outfit that morning.

Advice to people who want to venture into this business?

Gather information on the industry demands and from there, find out which gap you can fill. Sourcing for garments can be an expensive venture if you don’t know the trends. However, there is a piece of the pie for those whose passion is in dressing both brides and grooms.

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