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Bernedine Negara weds Denis Kamau

Marcellla Akinyi

Bride: Bernedine Negara

Groom: Denis Kamau

Date: December 15, 2017

Venue: AIC Milimani Church and reception at Botanical Gardens in Karen

Planner: CateChris Limited (who are our neighbours)

MC: Juma Odemba of Kayamba Africa (was Bernedine’s primary school teacher at Moi Forces Academy)

How did you meet?

Bernedine: We met in March 2009. He was my sister’s neighbour in ‘Plot 10’ Langata. I had made seafood, and my brother invited him over for dinner.

It was weird to see him home early because of his work schedule, so on that day it was like a “miracle”. The neighbours and my sister were good friends and at times would have meals together.

How long did you date?

We started dating in 2009 and got engaged in October 2010.

How was the proposal?

I had no idea it was going to happen. He had visited me in Lamu, where I was working at Shela House Management. He was bound to travel the next day and I had had a hectic day checking in guests in the villas, as there was going to be a big wedding in two days.

I decided we just have a chilled out time; have dinner and watch a movie, but, together with my best friend, who knew what was to happen, he insisted we go to Peponi Hotel to at least have a drink and a walk on the beach. It was a starry night and I yielded.

As we walked at the beach on our way back, he held my hand and said he had something to ask me, then, boom! He went on his knee and proposed. Of course I said ‘Yes’.

To plan the wedding, did you involve a planner or did you have a committee?

We involved a wedding planner after we had identified and sourced a couple of suppliers. It reached a point we saw it was taking a lot of our time and energy, and we would be drained physically, mentally and emotionally.

Did your wedding day turn out the way you wanted it to?

It did turn out as we had envisioned, but I wish I could have danced more. The guests talked about how much fun they had with the MC and the music while we were busy at the photo shoot. So, we cannot wait to see the video.

The couple with their four and half year-old son.

What were some of the highlights on your big day?

They are many, including Denis’ family singing their hearts out when they came to pick me up, my mother dropping my veil just before I left my aunt’s house, walking down the aisle with my mother and eldest brother and seeing Denis looking sharp at the front. Reciting our vows was the most important highlight.

Any challenges during and after the wedding?

When we got to the reception, the champagne was in one of the cars which had broken down. I was ready to have chilled sprite with the cake, but the planner made a miracle happen and the champagne was there on time.

After the wedding, we had planned to sit with family and friends and reminisce on the day’s events. We were back from the honeymoon in time for Christmas and on 27th, death befell us. My sister passed on.

Advice to couples planning a wedding?

Plan early and save. Nowadays, it is not easy to have wedding committees where you expect people to walk through it with you, or pre-weddings (harambee kind).

Those who are truly for you will give or be there for you without being asked. It does not have to be monetary, they can help with running errands, taking up roles on the wedding day among others. Also, make sure you choose your bridal team wisely. There are those who come with an agenda of wanting things to flop.

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