Boy reunited with family after four years on streets of Nairobi

Eric Juma @PeopleDairyKe

A 12-year-old boy who has been living on the streets of Nairobi for the past four years has been reunited with his emotional mother at Asere village in Siaya county.

Nick Guya, who hitched a ride on a lorry that ended on the streets of the capital following a dare from a friend, was found by Safeguard Orphans and Widows Organisation (Sowo). 

Guya was found in the streets by Sowo social workers led by Okinja Makambo as he begged for food in the company of other glue-sniffing street children.

But instead of tossing a coin to get rid of the pestering like most people do, the social workers took them to Sowo office in Nairobi where they shared a hearty meal with the organisation’s chairman, Peter Oduor.

However, Guya’s colleagues excused themselves to respond to a call of nature but did not return. Oduor hosted the boy in his house for two weeks as he traced his home to the East Alego village.

“I reckoned that the boy was not a criminal and he was all along thinking of how to go back home and return to school. I also believed the boy’s parents were looking for him and I resolved in my heart that I must find the best way to help,” he said.

He recalled how the boy had been overwhelmed by fear at the prospect of what would happen if he returned home to face his mother.

“At one point, the boy had thought of not ever going back home for fear of reprisals. It took a lot of brotherly counselling to convince the boy that all would be well,” he added.

Oduor managed to trace the boy’s family through their grassroots Sowo organisation which confirmed that his mother has been desperately looking for him.

Both the boy and his mother Roseline Adoyo, a widow, could not hide their joy as they shed tears of joy when they were finally reunited. Adoyo  says she is yet to come to terms with the fact that his second born in a family of five has been found.

“We have bought him books, uniform and other logistics to ensure he gets back to school,” said Sowo representative Irine Asiko. She added  that Adoyo would be incorporated in various economic programmes supported by Sowo to ensure she becomes  fully self-reliant.

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