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A talk with DJ Gee Gee

Best moment while on the decks? 

In 2011, I had a Europe tour and visited Norway, Sweden and Germany. I got to perform for more than 5,000 people in various events. Playing in a foreign country is a challenge, but I loved every bit of it. Seeing all those people dancing to African music was amazing. 

Worst public experience? 

There is this thing I do when on the decks. Sometimes I leave the decks and jump to an Electronic Dance Music (EDM) or House track just to psyche the crowd. But there is this time we were doing our show at the Coast. When I jumped and danced the roof of the stage caved in. And it was on live TV.  Luckily, the show continued and no one got hurt and all the equipment worked fine.

Worst habit/addiction?

I can’t enjoy a coke without lemon, orange or lime. I put avocado on everything. And I can talk for hours.

Worst advice you have ever received? 

Art or talent doesn’t pay. I got that advice from many close people in my life, but I didn’t believe it. I decided to follow my heart. Many years down the line, I can comfortably say that art and talent pays.

Best thing about being a deejay? 

I get to make people dance and have a good time. If someone has had a bad or hard day, I have the opportunity to make their day awesome. I also get a lot of freebies in malls and shops and other places because of working in the media.

Lowest moment this year?

I realised I have lost a lot of close friends in one way or another. Some have gone abroad. But slowly God has also brought new people in my life. I also catch up with the ones abroad online.

Best prank you’ve played on anyone so far?

It was a Fool’s Day prank. In the middle of a show, we told our production team that we were tired and needed to leave. The director was freaked out. We then laughed and told him it was a prank. He had fell for it.

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