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Love brewed at the altar

Last year, Anthony Kahura Mwangi aka Mr Tee wed the love of his life Wahito Kabi Mwangi. She shares with us their love story even as she tells us more about the TV host who is also a gospel rapper

Harriet James @PeopleDailyKe

How did the two of you meet?

We met in January 6, 2016 through a friend whom Mr Tee had assisted to park her car. They remained in contact and when she realised he was not dating, she facilitated a meeting between me and him (like a hook-up) (laughs). When I met Mr Tee, we talked as if we had been friends for ages.

The proposal brought Kenya Cinema to a standstill. Tell us more.

I had joined him for a Thursday service at Kenya Cinema, where he ministers a meeting dubbed, The Gathering of the Champions. Everything seemed normal, and in fact, he was the one who preached that day. Suddenly, the lights went off and I thought it was time to leave.

Just then, I heard him on the microphone calling my name and asking me to marry him. I was confused and I tensed at the same time. When the lights came back, I saw him kneeling at the pulpit. He said he stands best in his knees and he is a product of the altar.

And that the reason he did the proposal on the altar was because he wanted Jesus to be his greatest witness. Then he popped the big question asking me to marry him. I said “Yes’. It was in May 2017. We got married in October the same year.

What was memorable about your wedding?

The rain. And I know it is a strange thing for a bride to say, but the downpour felt like showers of blessing.

How do you handle your differences?

Marriage is called an institution because people learn a lot of lessons. In this institution we are all learning about each other. But the grace is available to stand what I may consider as our weaknesses or diverse perspectives.

How do you support him as his wife?

We work as a team though I’m a laid-back person and love working behind the scenes. I am currently working as an intern in his organisation dubbed Truth Mentorship Society and I also sit in the board.

It is a faith-based organization whose mission is to equip, guide and empower the youth with skills, resources and knowledge as they transition through life so as to enable them discover their purpose and bask in their destiny. Being the visionary person that he is, my role is to make a home for him. I manage his diary and accompany him in most of the events sometimes as his official driver (laughs).

What do you love the most about being his wife?

I love his stand on doctrine and sincerity in truth. He is bold, a risk-taker and keeps his word. I also love the opportunity of ministering to him and see him become what he once saw as a dream. Seeing the two of us walk that path of faith together makes me one proud wife.

What is the challenging part about marrying a celebrity?

To the world, he is Mr Tee, but when he comes home, he is Anthony Kahura Mwangi, a husband and a team player. He has never pulled that celebrity stunt on me.

He is the one who does most of the shopping in the house, even kwa mama mboga. I only realise that he is a celeb when I see people celebrate him and I have to remind myself that he is popular. He is a normal person when we are together.

What else does Mr Tee do apart from being a TV presenter?

He is the founder and chair of Jinawiri Sacco and also the founder and resident pastor of City of Destiny International. In addition, he is the founder and director of the Truth Mentorship Society.

What advice would you give other women married or dating celebrities?

Public figures and celebrities should shed off their status and positions in society and become, a wife, a husband, a father or mother when they get home. Just remember the one you got married to is a lifetime partner, not a fan.

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