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I abandoned the skies to spin the tables

Jacynta Njoroge aka DJ Jacy is among the few women in Kenya who have made a name for themselves in a male dominated world of deejaying. She lets us in on her journey to the decks

Milliam Murigi @millymur1

DJ Jacy takes her place behind the decks. She gives her audience a shy smile, yet gives off a confident, relaxed and in control demeanour.

When she finally gets to spin the decks, she gives tune after tune of amazing gospel hits. The audience can’t resist her power on the ones and twos. They turn euphoric, guaranteed of a rollicking fun.


Last year, DJ Jacy was among the deejays who performed at the Nairobi county Safaricom Groove tour. She was on top of her game, you would be forgiven to think she had been in the industry for decades.

Yet it was only two years that DJ Jacy had been spinning the tables and turning heads as well, making a name for herself. She has been receiving invite after invite to do her thing at Christian events and weddings. She also hosts a gospel show at Fanaka TV everyday from 6-10 am.

Born Jacynta Njoroge, DJ Jacy’s journey in the entertainment industry has, however, not been rosy. Her parents dream was for her to join the aviation industry and become a high flying cabin crew with an international airline.

But her heart wasn’t there. Nonetheless, she joined Nairobi Aviation College in 2012, to fulfill her parents’ desire. She graduated in 2014. However, her interest all along was in music.

She tried to convince her parents to let her follow her dream, to no avail. “I was so determined to follow my passion than my parents’ advice. I knew what I wanted to do.

Jacynta Njoroge aka DJ Jacy is among the few women in Kenya who have made a name for themselves in a male dominated world of deejaying.

I wanted to become a gospel DJ. As a born again Christian, I wanted to spread the word of God through deejaying,” says the 26-year-old who hails from Kahawa West, Nairobi.

In 2015, without even notifying her parents, she went out in search of a deejaying school.

She identified one, but when she presented the fee structure to her parent, they were shocked that she had gone that far.

However, they still dismissed her. “It got to a point my father asked me not to count on him if I took the deejay path. I had no option, but to look for someone else to pay for my fees,” she recalls.

A relative offered to pay her fees. Luckily, after two months of training at Genius DJ School, she secured employment there and worked for one and a half years before she quit to be on her own.


“Being a deejay is exciting but challenging. For a beginner, especially, one requires a lot of money to buy deejaying equipment. At first, I would hire sound and mixing equipment from a friend, whenever I landed a deal. But now I have bought my own,” she says.

Now that DJ Jacy has become successful in her career, her parents have come to accept and support her. She, however, doesn’t regret abandoning her aviation career for spinning.

And what drives her passion? She says that until recently, spinning was almost exclusively a male affair with a countable number of female DJs managing to cut the niche for themselves and daring to become a household name. However, a revolution is brewing.

Dare to dream

Her dream also of becoming one of the biggest gospel female DJs internationally gives her sleepless nights, as she tries to up her game.

Despite making it in the male-dominated field, she agrees it has not been a walk in the park. This is because some people, especially men believe that a female DJ can’t make it on their own. Others take advantage of these female deejays and harass them sexually.

“There was a day I was contracted to deejay at a wedding. But the person had some expectations, I couldn’t meet as a Christian and a gospel deejay for that matter. I declined his offer and I lost that job,” she recalls.

The third born in a family of four has also developed interest in acting and commercial modelling. 

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