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Wives deserve equal share

Catherine Njiru

Last week, the High Court dismissed a case by Federation of Women Layers (Fida) seeking to have spouses share matrimonial property on a 50/50 basis in the event of a divorce.

Court ruled wealth acquired during marriage can only be shared based on individual’s contributions. Fida lost. Housewives lost. Mothers lost. All women lost. Women who’ve dedicated all they can to raise children, tend the home and stomach whatever bile they have to in the name of kujenga nyumba lost.

But this law? I kent.  Divorce is just a financial disaster for women. Or was it intentional to make it strict so we don’t divorce ‘dem slay kings? How does a woman prove in court that she contributed to the acquisition of the said matrimonial properties, but have no tangible proof of the same.

What about non-monetary forms of input, including domestic work and management of the matrimonial home, child care, companionship, management of family business or property and farm work?

So, we are here, instead of working towards a more egalitarian future where women will be just as likely to write the settlement checks. ‘Cause yes, we’re definitely heading there, if this crop of slay kings is anything to go by.

But I’ve realised one thing, the men screaming loudest about ‘gold diggers’ (new label for wives demanding equal property) are the ones who don’t even have property to share or inherit.

Literally empty debes –these ones! Ok, let’s say, just for example (who came up with this by the way?) these women are plain gold diggers if they married you today and file for a divorce two weeks later, maybe depending on how good or bad you treat her (Yes, it always the man’s fault).

But if she was there to raise the children, help you build that home and most importantly if not stressfully, took care of you, enhe (insert a mdakus mamaas voice, or that gossipy guy), show me where the issue is. Gold digger or not, she played her part in that union.

Women deserve equal share or better still non-monetary contribution should be a measure in this, especially for women who wash their husbands’ undies—God bless their souls! I thought I’ve never met any Rocket Science graduate, then I remembered these women. No, these ones even deserve three-quarters share. Wamama oyeee!

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