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Sylvia ‘QueenArrow’ Wahome, the first woman Tekken player

254 was abuzz when news hit Sylvia ‘QueenArrow’ Wahome, the first woman Tekken player to be signed by XiT Woundz, a former professional Halo team, writes Cynthia Mukanzi

Cynthia Mukanzi

Sylvia Wahome aka QueenArrow recently stunned the gaming scene headlines as the first-ever esports pro gamer in Kenya and East African region to nab a sponsorship deal with an internationally-respected US-based esports brand XiT Woundz.

Sylvia is among the top in Kenya’s gaming industry and that is why XiT Woundz signed her into their camp as the first female Tekken player from the region. The gaming scene in the country is rapidly smoldering in vibrancy in several games and circuits.

We are talking about circuits like Rainbow Six Siege, Pro Series Gaming, Tekken, Mortal Kombat, Call Of Duty, among others. Corporates such as Liquid Telecom have recognised the potential in gaming and are betting their cash on the industry.

The gaming scene is heavily dominated by male players but the emergence of QueenArrow shows that it’s just a matter of time before the number of female players who are just as good level up to their male peers.

The recently held Pro Series Gaming clash Mortal Kombat XL that came with enticing cash prizes for the top eight players was an all-male affair. Perhaps the presence of QueenArrow is a placation and assurance that upcoming gaming tournaments will embrace more women.

She has only been playing Tekken competitively for a couple of months now but has swiftly risen to the peak under the tutelage of Davy Kamanzi of Tekken 254.

The Tekken champion joins the likes of Priest, The Beast, Ariba Starks, Hirsi Ali and Suhail Woods in the gaming arena of as badass players.

Gaming scene continues to grow as a spectator report that’s not just for fun but creating jobs across 254 and the continent. For a long time South Africa, Morocco and Ghana have been enjoying prominence in this industry but more countries, including Kenya are topping the ranks too. We can’t wait to see what NAICCON comes with this time.

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