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In the kitchen: How to make a Banno Kebab

Chef Surendra Prasad warmly welcomes us into his kitchen. He tells us to be at ease and explains that he is going to be showing us how to make a Banno Kebab. We are being hosted at The Mayura, an Indian restaurant on the ground floor of Kenrail Towers, Westlands

Cooking has always been my passion. I remember cooking with my mum from a very young age. I would at first marvel at how she was able to cook with so many spices and not get confused,” the head chef explains.

We all laugh as his kitchen has a wide array of spices that my crew and I would not know what to do with, even if we were to use our collective culinary skills.

Chef Surendra has been cooking professionally for the last 11 years. He loves and enjoys cooking Indian food, a transcendent joy that radiates from him as he deftly moves around the kitchen doing what he knows best. He has worked internationally for most of his career, and has been cooking at The Mayura for close to one year.

We enquire about what keeps him going. “I love seeing the joy on my clients’ faces as they partake of anything I have prepared. I also know that I owe guys who I mentored and inspired a duty of care. I have to keep doing my best and keep bettering my craft as their role model; it is an honour that I don’t take lightly,” he says.

The beautifully plated banno kebab is proof enough of his skill. The kebab is laid to one side of the plate, while artfully arranged vegetable salad is to the other side. The kebab is as sumptuous as it looks, with the chicken being soft and yielding, while the cooked egg coating gives it a soft crunch.

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