The glory is here!

How long did you date?

Edward: Slightly less than two years.

Why did you settle on a Sunday for you wedding?

Initially, it was to be on a Saturday, but after struggling with the budget, our home church offered to shoulder a significant part of it with their own resources on the same day they use them, a Sunday. Our wedding budget came to about Sh280,000.

How about black as part of your colour scheme?

We were spoilt for choice, so we went with black, white and silver, since they were not only uncommon selections, but also neutral colours that go with pretty much anything. White, however, was in small doses here and there, because it was reserved for the bride.

What was it like planning your big day?

When we got engaged early last year, we started thinking about the details, but intense planning happened in the last three months to the big day. We borrowed several budget excel sheets from friends who had gone before us, and began with items we considered the spine of a wedding; such as venue, furniture, décor, sound system, rings, suit and gown. We then decided that when extra funding came, we would consider the other ancillary items such as photography, videography, cake, food and entertainment.

Any challenges faced?

Oh yes! We love being Kenyan, but we have rather interesting cultures. So, of course traditional processes were ongoing during the same ‘pressure-period’ of wedding planning, and it drained us in every way; physically, financially and emotionally. But, whenever we would despair, we would always be encouraged by the word of God, and we would look to the hills from where our help came from, the Lord Himself. Those who wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength, and we soldiered on.                       

How did you select your bridal party?

We put friends who have stuck with us through the seasons down on paper, then we cut down to a comfortable group. It was unfortunate that a month to the wedding, Naitetu’s best friend went to be with the Lord. It was also one of the biggest hurdles we faced; looking forward to our wedding while battling with grief, which we still are. She was dear to us. We did not replace her in the line-up, simply because she could not be replaced in our hearts.

What would you attribute the day’s success to?

The Lord’s faithfulness. He saw us through and His glory was written all over it. We learnt to depend on the Lord. Secondly, because all five parties necessary to sign the certificate were present. The rest are just fillers.

Take home moments?

The moment she walked in, I completely forgot men don’t cry! I cried her a river. She was so beautiful, and she was coming to vow to love me till death does us part. I am even fighting tears right now.

Naitetu: He surprised me with a dance, and he has always kept his love for dance a secret. He took to the stage and I was completely blown away.

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