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What is your latest gadget?

iPad Mini. It’s a versatile device that allows me to get most of my work done on the fly.

What would you prefer between an Android phone and iPhone and why?

I would go with an Android any day. Android provides many options on every front, including apps and a wide range of phones to choose from. If you compare Android and Apple apps, you’ll find the same refinement across the board  but most Android apps are free while you have to pay for most from Apple.

What is your most used gadget or appliance at home?

It is the microwave. It does almost everything needed for making meals, defrosting and oven, among others. With my line of work I need to be able to grab a bite in a rush at odd hours and it’s invaluable in that sense.

Which app do you mostly use on your phone?

It has to be the Gmail app. It is among the best when communicating. Simple, straightforward and fully functional. You really don’t miss out on anything when compared to the full website.

What would you be if you were a gadget?

I would be an iPad, functional and sleek!

What is the worst gadget you’ve ever had and why?

It was an iPhone. It was impractical for my needs and honestly, overpriced. It was also lacking in some basic and key features. Who in their right mind removes the headphone jack port?

Which is the gadget you cannot live without?

The iPad. It’s my office.

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