An unlikely workhorse

What attracted you to this car?

When I first saw it I instantly loved how it looked. It’s compact and yet still sporty. It sits comfortably on the road and I just can’t get enough of the power. It’s a little pocket rocket and gets my blood rushing and heart revving. I’ve made a few modifications like changing the entire exhaust system, added a front mount intercooler and put performance Maxxis tyres for additional grip. I have managed unprintable speeds, but the car always feels stable and inspires confidence.

Why do you love about it?

We’ll it’s pretty much my workhorse. I believe I can go pretty much anywhere with it, apart from muddy roads, which are its one foible. It’s been a supremely reliable car unlike most modern cars that can feel flimsy and may leave you stranded. I always have full confidence in it getting me anywhere. I use it for my IT business, as a daily driver and even to buy farm supplies. It doesn’t look like it but I sometimes carry 50 kg bags of animal feed with no problem. 

What are some of the drawbacks?

While the spares are readily available, it’s still a performance variant and most of the spares don’t come cheap. The biggest challenge I would say with this car is replacing the lights. Getting them, either for the rear or headlights, is an absolute nightmare, so I have to be extra careful not to get into an accident as it would be quite the task replacing them. But in the end those are little issues because it is, I believe, one of the best cars ever made.

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