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New vehicle purchases record 31pc jump

Steve Umidha @steveumidha

The country’s new vehicle sales took a double digit growth in April buoyed by increase in the sales of luxury car brands.

As Kenyans deepen their love for sport utility vehicles (SUVs), automakers felt the effect when it came to April sales, according to the latest industry figures by Kenya Motor Industry Association (KMIA).

Collectively automakers sold 4,123 units compared to 3,130 units sold last month, a 31 per cent jump, with the unexpected strong growth coming amid rising consumer confidence in April despite early days after post-election nausea.

In comparison, the industry sold 3,635 vehicles for the four months to April last year, signalling a growth of 13 per cent over the period.

For the month, the traditional vehicle brands Isuzu and Toyota took their go-anywhere spirit to dealer showrooms, showing increases in sales for the period. 

During the month, local assembler Isuzu East Africa sold 1,221 vehicles, 26units less compared to 1,247 vehicles sold in March this year, while Toyota on the other hand sold 998 units in April compared to 703 last month, 295 more units over the thirty-day period, according to KMIA figures.

Customers are paying handsomely for bigger vehicles, which is padding the bottom line, according to KMIA data which shows that, for the industry, buyers bought an impressive 142 luxury cars.

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