Remembering flower farm days in the sun

Kirera Mwiti @PeopleDailyKe

When it flourished, Karuturi flower farm was the talk of Naivasha and mostly improved the economy of the lakeside town.

From jobs, to the living standards of the workers and to suppliers of various commodities, the farm had all what one could imagine of.

Located at DCK trading centre and next to the popular Cray Fish Camp, Karuturi served the neighbouring communities with numerous projects.

At one point the farm would even hire teachers and post them to public primary schools to bridge the gap of teacher shortage.

Former Nakuru County chairman of the Kenya Chamber of Commerce and Industry Njuguna Kamau says the town had flow of cash due to the activities that were going on in the farm.

“The farm had a policy of hiring locals and unlike other farms, supplies would come from various groups and this had a positive impact in the town”.

Exporting six million stems a day, the company ruled the cut flower industry, with the ripple effect of financial successes being reflected in the lives of more than 3,000 workers who plied trade at the Naivasha-based firm.

Last week the receiving managers announced sale of all the company’s assets but also indicated that the 125 acres would not be sold.

Asset sale

“The joint receiver managers of Karuturi Ltd offer for sale all assets of the company situated along Moi South Lake road in Naivasha”, reads the notice in part.

Two months ago, the High Court in Nairobi gave a local bank, CfC Stanbic, the go ahead to auction Mr Karuturi’s assets over a Sh1.8 billion debt, bringing to an end an ambitious plan by the Indian entrepreneur whose flower farms in Kenya, Ethiopia and India once produced 650 million stems of quality cut roses annually.

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