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Meet multi-talented artiste and fashion designer, KDaddy

Multi-talented artiste and fashion designer, KDaddy, serves Spicers not just with a fresh taste of music but also in fashion. The brains behind  fashion label Fortune Wear, speaks with Manuel Ntoyai about his style and line

Fortune Wear is a…Kenyan clothingline that cuts across all ages for designer suits, African designs, casual wear, hoodies and tees and much more. I came up with the name together with my supportive partner, who is also a co-founder.

Our journey in fashion began… in 2015 when I launched my first music video. We registered the brand and began with designs that weren’t too complex and a printing company for T-shirts. We  soon saw the need to expand our business and fully invest in fashion.

Style to me is…a reflection of my attitude and personality.

A day in my life starts by… taking time to reflect on the previous. I plan for the day ahead, designate a time frame for each task in my schedule and more importantly batch my work to increase focus.

After that, I make a decision on how the weather prediction will affect my choice of clothes for the day. I also take a few minutes during my morning routine to meditate, think of the goals I wish to achieve and set this as my intention for the day. It centres me and ensures I’m running the day rather than the other way around.

The difference between designing for myself and buying from other designers is… that I pay more attention to high quality materials and techniques to ensure high quality end products. I understand my clients, I know how it feels when they put on an outfit and it doesn’t feel quite right. I want them to feel beautiful and confident. I also want the same feeling for myself, hence when I design for myself there is always that confidence that everything is okay.

I have had the pleasure of dressing some of the industry’s greats, such as…Mzazi Willy M Tuva, Allan Wakori and Rasheed Abdalla. I have also dressed a number of celebrities for nuptials as well as videos. Currently, I am working with Grandpa Records CEO on a number of projects.

One of the most important things I’d love to share with other young, upcoming entrepreneurs in the fashion industry…is that one should not be afraid to get creative and experiment with marketing. Attach value to your products so that people would pay you for it. Whenever you want to achieve something, keep your eyes open, concentrate and make sure you know exactly what it is you want.You  can’t hit your target with their eyes closed.

If money was no object, I would install an ATM machine in my kitchen (nothing special about the placement ,really). I would buy a number of the Rolls-Royce Phantom, say about seven, so each wheels can match at least a number of my pieces.

Everyone should own…a suit. It’s not just about looking more respectable and stylish; a suit makes you more confident.

I would most love to dress…President Uhuru Kenyatta. His style matches his personality and as a fashion lover, I marvel every single time he steps out.

My style icon and signature scent are…Terrence Howard and Mercedes Benz Club. They’re both one of a kind.

I splurge a lot on…Trendy leather jackets and leather Timberland boots. At some point I had over 40 pairs of Timberlands, but ended up giving them away.

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