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Mother’s Day: Holiday for wives, welcome on board single mothers


Now, this was the day to celebrate single mothers, forget about Father’s Day when people feel it is right to also celebrate women who according to them, ‘play both roles’. But there’s nothing like playing both roles.

Because there’s simply no way a woman, however strong and independent can provide the masculine energy that is exceptional in men. There’re things mothers do that fathers cannot. But in as much as we fail to celebrate our fathers like we do our mothers, mothers cannot do a father’s job.

Traditionally, fathers were respected and feared by children. You would not talk when he talked and when he coughed everyone listened in silence.

He would walk in the house and children leave as soon as they heard his footsteps. Rarely would he laugh with his children, but at the end of the day, they felt safe when he was around.

Children were close to their mother and if they wanted anything, the mother was the one to communicate their issues to the father—he was their mouthpiece. Today, however, the belief is that if a woman worked a little bit harder, she would perform both roles, as a mother and father to her children.

But when we said single mothers need to have a seat and chill on Father’s Day, it should not be interpreted to mean we don’t understand just how tough it is to be one.

We respect the dedication and devotion single mums go through, but no not at the expense of responsible fathers. So, this particular Mother’s Day, I celebrate you big.

You that understand there’s nothing like playing both roles. But even as we celebrate you, it’s important to insist that you don’t try to be a father as well, let’s respect the role that real men out there play. Come to think of it, I know several single fathers who raise their children single-handedly, but you’ll never see them acting up on Mother’s Day.

They simply celebrate you, the single mothers and move on, nothing more. They just don’t demand recognition they feel they too deserve for, ‘playing both roles’.

These men know their worth as fathers. It’s about time you know yours as a mother and enjoy your day. And no it’s not a day for wives alone, celebrate you, celebrate yourself.

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