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It’s 2018. Hon fossils need to graduate now

Michael Muraya @michael_muraya

Today’s rant is dedicated to the ultimate disgrace of the 21st century who are one other than a bunch of old peeps still basking in the adulation of campus fame.

We’re talking about the epitomes of midlife crisis: the 30 or 40-something year olds who have redefined stagnation and are still crawling up double decker beds in UoN hostels. These fossils have simply refused to grow (pardon the irony).

In case you do not know, there is a bunch of dimwits who have turned campus hostels into permanent residential areas some having lived in the infamous Hall Nine since 2005! Ninjas have seen the formerly chaotic Thika Road develop into a superhighway, Kenya reject a constitution and later inagurate another, Vera Sidika bounce from being 27 years old to 21, Smart Joker rise to stardom, released the song Analogue to Digital, felt underwhelmed and released its remix and later went ahead to release the remix’s remix — all during the time a dude has been walking around campus hostels!

To put this in perspective, a kid born during the time he reported in school is now 13! From a student’s perspective, these are the immortals! Ninjas was bisecting females in Hall Nine when some of the current third years were in class five! So what are these fossils doing in school?

Well don’t assume that their ages and ‘experience’ in campus life has propagated them to some council of elders who give advice to the young ones. Instead, this lot has been accused of running all things illegal in campus from trafficking to hooliganism.

So perhaps they wake up to the template of harassing kids in Campo while their peers are driving their kids to school. According to reports, one such group of senior citizens in UoN goes under the epithet, Wise Men. Okay, if that is wisdom, we can now verily proclaim that we are not envious of the biblical Solomon!

These fossils really need to outgrow themselves and move on with life. What excuse do they give the villagers who were summoned for a fund raising when that letter of admission came 14 years ago and have since been waiting to hire a school bus and come for graduation? Get on with life

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