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JASPREET SINGH — Group it manager, prideinn hotels

Which is your latest gadget?

Samsung Gear 360 camera.

What do you love about it?

I love the fact that you can capture all photos and videos in 360 degrees. I never miss a moment around me.

The gadget you wouldn’t trade for anything?

My iPhone X. I treasure it more than any of my other electronic devices.

What’s the worst gadget you’ve ever owned?

PlayStation 4. Never had the time to use it. In fact, I sold it two weeks later.

Which is your most expensive gadget and how much did it cost?

I have several, but the most recent one is DJI Mavic Pro, which cost me Sh130,000. It’s a small yet powerful drone camera that turns the sky into a creative canvas.

Which is your most used gadget?

My phone. I can practically do all my office work on this device from wherever I am.

Which mobile app do you mostly use?

It has to be TeamViewer. With its capability to remotely access computers, I can troubleshoot problems on the go. This makes my work efficient.

What would you be if you were a gadget?

I’d be so comfortable and happy to be any Apple product. Believe it or not, they are the most stable and user-friendly products you can get.

The gadget you can’t live without?

It definitely has to be my phone. I don’t think I can go for 10 minutes without having to use it. It’s the gadget I always need.

Shopping for gadgets, do you go for brand or output?

I would be more concerned about the output and less on the brand. Although with some brands, you can never go wrong.

The gadget you always wish you had?

The latest GoPro.

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