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Criminal gang leader gunned downed after Toyoyo expose’ on People Daily

Football enthusiasts frequenting Camp Toyoyo stadium will now breath a sigh of relief after police from Buruburu Police Station yesterday gunned down a leader of a notorious gang that has been robbing fans and players at gun point at the stadium while matches went on.

People Sports published the story on Tuesday, exposing the levels of insecurity at the famous grounds and two days later, the crime basters of Buruburu caught up with them.

The gang had attacked members of Paris Jibambe FC at the weekend after they had played a friendly match against Karen Wazee, as another match went on, and robbed them off money, mobile phones and jewelleries at gun point.

Divisional Criminal Investigation Officer (DCIO) in charge of Buruburu Jeremiah Ikiao urged fans to stay calm and promised to crush the gang in a few days to restore order at the stadium and Jericho estate in general. It didn’t last three days. “The gang has been terrorizing members of the public and yesterday at around 9am we received a tip off that they were carrying out their operation as usual in Jericho estate,” said Ikiao.

He added: “ Our officers swung into action and when they saw them, they engaged them and the officers responded and in the process fataly wounded one of them as the other two escaped on foot to the Kiambiu slums and we are still in hot pursuit of them.”

Ikao said they recovered a revolver with three rounds of ammunition from the thug gunned down and promised not to rest until the area was rid of criminals.

The thugs had turned the area into one of the most dangerous spots in the city as People Daily reporter James Magayi lost his valuables a fortnight ago while going to cover a league match at the grounds. Football players have also suffered in the hands of gang, being attacked at will while leaving the training or matches.

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