Jack of all businesses

From a lad whose parents couldn’t afford basic needs to an established businessman with several companies under his name; such is the life of Peter Wangai. His brother, Daniel Maingi tells us more about him


How was it like growing up with Peter?

Since he is older than I am, he used T to take care of me. So, he would sort of baby-sit me. He even used to discipline me — I got some beating from him.

What are some of the fond memories you have of both of you growing up?

Going for movies together. Also, planting and selling vegetables in our family farm so that we could afford fashionable clothes.

What kind of childhood did Peter have?

We didn’t have a rosy childhood. Our parents couldn’t even afford basic needs.

Some days, we would go to school without packed lunch. Many are the days Peter was home for lack of school fees. But one thing that stood out was his love for business unlike us who wanted to study hard to get a job in future.

So, he has had a business mind since he was young?

Daniel Maingi

Yes. His love for business though, surfaced when he was in high school. He grew up planting trees as a hobby. However, he realised he could turn it as a form of business. This is when he started his first tree nursery in 2004. Though he was not earning much from the business, a thing which made my parents ask him to quit, but he was passionate about it. This humble beginning is what gave birth to his business, Goldenscape Trees Africa, which he runs up to date.

Interesting. Tell us more about his businesses.

His company Goldenscape Group Limited is a group of companies that have interest in real estate, technologies, cleaning, environ ment, interior designing, land scape architecture, architecture car hire and tours and travel, agribusiness and greenhouses management. Some of the companies are Goldenscape greenhouses, Orion Online mall, Verdura groceries, Goldenscape trees Africa among others.

A jack of all trade you may say So, how does he manage all this?

He doesn’t work alone. He has strong management team that different businesses on his behalf His role is to make major company decisions, managing the overall operations of the company and ensuring the success of the company.

At age 31, he has joined the millionaires club. Has he changed in any way?

Yes and no. Yes because he is not readily available nowadays as he to be and no, because he is the same down to earth brother I used to know What are his weaknesses? His main weakness is that when he sets his mind on something, he must get it despite what, not even my mother can change him. He doesn’t accept failure and he doesn’t give up. He is totally a workaholic.

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