When baby bump becomes public affair

Pregnancy was in the past a personal journey. With social media and changing attitudes it has become something to flaunt to the entire world

Pregnancy is an amazing and momentous time in a woman’s life. Few things compare to the joy of nurturing a new life budding within the woman. It’s also one of the things that are quite hard to keep secret. Whether one talks about it or keeps their silence, a protruding belly will keep all abreast.

Not very long ago the issue of pregnancy was shrouded in alot of secrecy and modesty. Even though it was quite clear that it would bring unanticipated attention, women and society in general refrained from discussing the issue publicly.
“There were clear boundaries about what constituted private information and sexuality and pregnancy were some of the issues,” says Geofrey Wango, Sociologist, University of Nairobi. Even amidst the joy of ushering another life into the world being pregnant carried some level of stigma.

Flashing neon A protruding belly almost felt like a neon flashing signboard that screamed ‘I had sex’. Given that sex was an issue that existed in reality, but one that was rarely discussed, it made a lot of sense to want to hide anything that even remotely linked you to the taboo subject.

I mean who would have wanted to announce to the world what they had been up-to in the private confines of their bedrooms? Owing to the sacred nature of pregnancy in the traditional African society women from certain African communities would be confined to private quarters until they delivered.

Pregnancy was revered in the traditional African culture, but only celebrated in muted fashion.

But times have now clearly changed owing to western civilisation and technology, altering how women navigate the pregnancy journey. Whereas most women back then wanted to keep the good cially on a regular basis puts a pregnant woman under unwarranted scrutiny. The public has an opinion on the appearance and behavior of the expectant woman and offer unsolicited advice. This kind of exposure can cause anxiety to the unborn child.

“The foetus is already a human being with a personality; they get excited and also get irritable. They are sensitive to whatever is happening with the mother,” adds Nerea.

Even celebrities used to literally living their lives in front of cameras also acknowledge the pressure divulging such private information can have on them. Recently, Kylie Jenner, one of the Kardashians kept her pregnancy and delivery under wraps, confirming the news after the delivery in February this year.

“I knew for myself I needed to prepare for this role of a lifetime in the most positive, stress-free, and healthy way I knew how,” Kylie wrote on her Instagram page. For anyone who chooses to put too much details about their pregnancy online it’s good to first probe their intentions and weigh the consequences. “First know why you want to share; is it to feed your ego, to conform, seek for validation or to inform. If you can honestly answer these questions to yourself and you feel ready to deal with the implications of making your private information public then go right ahead and do it,” concludes Geofrey.

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