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Behold Nairobians, here goes your ‘Green City in the Sun’!


Fellow Nairobians, let’s talk!

In fact, let’s not. Let’s just seat back, reflect on the state of our city and seethe in anger. What else is there to do?

Perhaps, if we had, we would plant bananas. The holes of varied sizes are ready, watered and organically fertilised by filth. Potential to grow award-winning plantains is there.

Yes, some of the depressions may be too large to make a crop out of. But so is Menengai. Yet, the crater makes a respectable sum of money from tourists. Maybe we should be giving the basin a run for its money by conducting paid tours around the many craters dotting our city roads to enjoy antithesis between neglect and natural wonders.

But a Nairobian must eat, pay rent and remit taxes. So instead, the hollows are swallowing us, our cars and shoes in our daily struggle to get to and from work. While dilapidated roads are not a fresh concept for city residents, the Central Business District (CBD) has largely been immune to the water-filth-filled quarries.

But its defence has finally been breached, turning roads such as Moi Avenue into muddy conduits that have contributed to the massive traffic snarl-ups being experienced, especially when it rains.

The county government has been making effort —albeit discordantly— to fill up the craters, but the pace has been massively under whelming.  Besides, whatever is being used to fill up the wells may as well be chalk powder. It is washing away the moment the skies drip a few drops on them.

Unhealthy competition

Nairobi is really the heart of the nation.  When its arteries become clogged, the health of the body in general becomes greatly compromised.

But motoring or walking within the City county has become an unbearable frustration. The scramble by both man and machine for the few spots of paving left cutthroat.

None of them trusts the depth of the well in the middle of the road. It is a fight that more than often, the pedestrian loses.

Governor Sonko, Kura, KeNHA, GoK…may the one(s) responsible for ending this nightmare please wake us up!

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