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Dufla Diligon is back!

After taking a haitus from the music scene, dancehall sensation, Dufla Diligon is back! His new hit, Katapilla is all the rage, writes Chebet Korir

Over the weekend, you curtain-raised for renowned Tanzanian hit maker  Harmonize at the launch of a high-end nightlife joint. Could you sum up the experience for us?

Honestly, it was such a great feeling. I mean, he is one of the few artistes who we share some music similarities. It was quite memorable.

You also got the chance to perform your new hit Katapilla, which has been the talk of town. There is no question this was the perfect way to announce  your comeback. How has the response been?

It has been massive. My fans love the song and it just displays my creativity lyricwise. It also speaks highly of Visita’s mastery and and production skills.

Speaking of Visita, was this a one-time gig, or can we expect a long term partnership? What’s that ‘it’ factor that he has brought to your music?

This was not the first time Visita and I have worked together, nor will it be the last.  He understand my kind of music. He gets my beat and need for originality, especially when it comes to dancehall music.

Does this mean you have left Grandpa Records?

No, however, my contract is now over and I do not plan to renew it. That aside, I am grateful to the label, as they are a big part of the reason my music career took off. I feel it is time to take it to an even higher level with something different.

You are currently under a new management — could you talk to us a bit about that?

It is more a new breed of artistes I am working with— not management per se. They are behind my latest music projects including Katapilla and a few others that I am yet to release. Alphiso and Young Wallace are some of the guys I’ll be working with. I believe in working with people who understand your music background and deliver something great and extraordinary.

There has been a ongoing debate in entertainment circles that your previous track, Tempo and Kwangaru by Harmonize have some similarities. Is there any basis to this?

Truth be told, up until a friend mentioned it, i had not listened to the track. When I got a chance to listen to it, that was when I could tell the instruments were a bit similar. They sampled the beats of my song Tempo. It’s all good though, I have no issue.

Any chance we can expect a  collabo between you and Harmonize?

Yes, plans are underway — it’s something to look out for.

You sparked quite abuzz when 254 was hit with the news that some Chilean dancers were getting down to your beats.

I was thrilled and humbled that internationally, my music is causing waves. It was an amazing feeling.

So would you say your listenership outside Kenya is good?

Yes. Take Katapilla, a number of artistes have sampled it including celebrated Nigerian artiste, Patoranking. I’m going international! 

Word on the street is that you’ll be dropping a hit soon with a renowned dancehall artiste. Care to share more? 

While I cannot disclose at the time who the person in question is, I can pomise it will be a massive hit. I will be dropping a single ahead of any collaborations.

Early in the year, the grapevine was you were bankrupt and were being funded by an older woman. Is there any truth to this?

People talk — these are petty lies certain blogs brought up.  I am financially stable and have a printing company, which is doing great. It’s riduculous, really.

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