LeBron James beats Raptors

  Cleveland, Sunday 

LeBron James warned his army of fans not to try and replicate his buzzer-beating heroics at home after he earned the Cavaliers a 3-0 playoff lead over the Raptors in sensational style.

With overtime looming on Saturday, James left the Raptors on the verge of elimination with a running one-hander that secured a 105-103 win and sent the Quicken Loans Arena wild.

Taking possession in mid-court, James surged down the left before floating a two-pointer to seal a dramatic victory and leave him with 38 points for the night.

His latest eye-catching moment is bound to inspire many to try and make a similar shot themselves, but that is not something the four-time MVP recommends.

“T-Lue [coach Tyronn Lue] was the one who told us to take it full court, knowing that I have more than enough time to get the ball up the court,” James said after the game.

“It doesn’t allow the defence to sit and see what you’re going to do because you’re going at such a fast pace.

“They can’t really load, they can’t double team because one shot can lose you the game if you give up a wide-open look, most likely you’re not going to like the results of that.

“So the level of difficulty of that shot, it is very difficult. Don’t try it at home!”

While some players may have wilted under the pressure of such a high-pressure finale, James always felt confident he could make a difference.

“Listen, tie game, down one, whatever the case may be, I live for those moments,” he added.

“I told y’all in the Indiana series, that mental clock of being a kid and telling myself ‘3, 2, 1’ and making the noise of the net. I’ve been doing that since I was six, seven, eight years old.

“It’s the things that you dream about, that you get those opportunities, and I’ve been fortunate enough to get a handful of those in some of the biggest moments in my career.

“When do I decide which shot I am going to take? To be honest, sometimes I don’t know, but I’m confident in every shot I take because I work on every shot.

“I practice every shot I take in game, no matter [when I take it] I feel pretty comfortable with it.”

Elsewhere, Philadelphia 76ers called for the confetti to the floor in what they believed was a win in regulation, only for the game to actually be headed to overtime.

That would be one of several mistakes late in the game made by Philadelphia, as the Celtics are now one win away from a return trip to the Eastern Conference finals following a 101-98 Game 3 win.

Al Horford scored the go-ahead basket, then came up with the seal-the-win steal and was immediately fouled. – AFP

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