Boost your child’s muscle strength

Your child needs adequate nutrition to satisfy the demands of growth and allow brain development. Every keen mum knows this. Nonetheless, sometimes it seems no matter what you feed your child, he or she does not seem to curve any muscle mass.

As a parent the sight of your physically frail child, with scrawny legs and arms breaks your heart, since they may appear unable to carry anything for themselves.

They may also seem to have low endurance for muscle-engaging activities such as playing and running and tend to pick sedentary things to do. This can be normal for little children aged below nine, who are going through stages of developmental disequilibrium. Here you are ways you can help them strengthen their muscles.

Strength Training

If frailty is synonymous with your child, then you may have to do more than just feeding and start engaging his muscle to open up. Strength training is what they need.

Strength training is the practice of using free weights, weight machines, and rubber resistance bands, or body weight to build muscles


Press-ups are widely acknowledged as one of the best forms of exercise. This workout will help tone their muscles and improve your childs’ strength. Having them partake in this activity will boost their general structure as push-ups targets various muscle groups including chest, abs, triceps and biceps. Make it more fun and do it together.

Baby dumbbells

While being careful with his or her safety, get light dumbbells that they are comfortable curling and gradually engage them until they are able to curl effortlessly on their own. Increase the weight of dumbbells when their energy levels doubles. Do five reps and five sets.


Well, you will get results as long your taking your child for regular hiking, cycling and jogging.

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