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Easy changes you can make to cut your electric bill

The soaring electricity bills has been the talk of the town since the beginning of the year. This has been compounded by claims of impropriety in billing where third party companies are used to make payments and buy electricity tokens on behalf of Kenya Power.

Unlike other services where the more you buy the cheaper it becomes, the more tokens you buy the more expensive it becomes. The first 50 units are charged the lowest while the second batch (51-1500 units) will be six times more expensive.

Through social media, KP managing director Ken Tarus has promised to have the charges reviewed in the next three months.

Even as customers wait, three months is a long time to wait especially in the prevailing economic conditions. And knowing KP, the prices may even go up! In the meantime, you could help yourself by:

Unpluging electric appliances from sockets

Most people pay electricity bills they have not used. Whenever you are not using an appliance and you leave it plugged in, it continues to consume electricity.

When you are not using your electric appliance it is good to switch off the socket or plug it out. At the end of the month you will be amazed at how much you save.

Upgrading energy saving devices

Older models of electric appliances are known to be energy guzzlers. Start with simple appliances like bulbs and fluorescent tubes. It is advisable that you switch to LED bulbs, which emit small amounts of heat.

Any appliance that emits a lot of heat consumes a lot of energy. The same should happen to TVs, fridges and other appliances. It may seem costly but after a year or two you will appreciate the choices you made.

Complementing electricity with solar power

Having an alternative source of energy such as solar power will cut on electricity bills. All you need is a solar panel and a battery. These can be used in lighting and other simple tasks such as charging phones. Solar power can also be converted to alternating current to power your TV.

Insulating your roof

Put a ceiling to your roof if you do not have one. This will ensure that room temperatures remain standard in spite of outdoor temperatures. This helps you shun the use of room temperature regulators, which in actual sense consume a lot of energy.

Educating your family

Living with your family is one of the happiest things for most people. However, sometimes they may prove extravagant. In most times, the people who pay the bills are not in the house hence the family members do not feel the pinch. Teach them how to minimise the use of electricity. – Francis Muli

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