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Of Tribeka’s unsung mshikaki and sausages

If you are a fan of music showbiz in Nairobi, then you must have visited Club Tribeka. The club is synonymous with nightlife in Nairobi’s CBD.

Located along Banda Street, Tribeka is the place you might visit anytime of the day for business meetings and to shake a leg later at night. There are three main sitting areas on three floors.

Many prefer the ground floor for brunch, lunch and dinner dates, where soft music plays in the background, especially during daytime. Choice of foods depends on the size of your wallet, as it is the case with drinks too. Here, the nightlife proves to be more fun, as the partying never stops.

My favourite day to visit this popular joint is Tuesday, when the Mseto Crew hosts different artistes from the region to launch their new songs during a theme night dubbed Wakilisha Night. While at it, you can catch football matches on the humongous TV screens as you sip on your favourite poison.

I also enjoy sitting near the balcony because as the night progresses, with the leg shaking getting even merrier, you will catch a refreshing breeze to cool yourself.

The ambience on each floor is different and cool. The VIP lounge on the second floor of the bar and restaurant is where most celebrities like to hang out, and if you are a sucker for selfies, chances are you will capture a couple of celebrity snaps before the night ends.

There is also a smoking zone, so that smokers don’t have to disturb non-smoking folks having a good time at the establishment. When it comes to pricing of drinks, affordable is the word.

Beers range between Sh200 and Sh300 depending on the brand and amount, while a bottle of whisky or vodka sells from Sh3,500. Leaving the club for home or to any other destination is never a problem.

Taxis usually line up along the busy street, just outside the club and this erases any inconvenience going home. While waiting for your cab guy or when making entry to the club, you can savour on the mshikaki and roast sausages with kachumbari sold right outside. I promise you they are the most sumptuous in the CBD! PHOTO: JOHN OCHIENG

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