Floods victim dies at Kilifi camp

Reuben Mwambungu @reubenmwambingu

An elderly woman died at a make-shift camp sheltering thousands of people displaced by floods in Magarini, Kilifi county. Mikuyuni assistant chief Shadrack Kazungu said the cause of her death was yet to be established though she was reported to have been under medication when she arrived there.

She died inside a classroom at Garashi secondary school camp where she was among 2,542 people seeking refuge after her house was swept away by floods in Mikuyuni village.

The death came as several schools across the country failed to reopen for second term because of the rains. The Garashi camp chairperson Lucy Zawadi said majority of victims from Mikuyuni area had their personal effects including crucial documents such as IDs, birth certificates and other documents washed away or destroyed by water.

Kenya Red Cross regional manager Hassan Musa, said more than 3,100 families comprising 22,000 people are seeking refuge in eight camps across Kilifi county.

The flood victims say they are forced to consume salty water from wells after pumps at the main water source in Baricho were damaged by the torrents disconnecting the entire area from fresh water supply.

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