Bongo artiste Diamond Platinumz posts steamy sessions

Tanzanian Bongo artiste Diamond Platinumz last week posted his steamy sessions with different women few months after he broke up with Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan. We dig more into his acts that also got him into trouble with the authorities

Faith Gachobe @wangechigachobe

Recently, Tanzania’s top music star Diamond Platnumz was arrested and interrogated over an indecent video he had posted on his social media pages. In one of the videos, Diamond was seen playfully kissing an unidentified Caucasian woman, while in the other, he was having some steamy moments with his baby mama Hamisa Mobeto.

The two videos went viral and the musician has since been criticised by a lot of people with some saying that it was a way of getting back to his ex-wife Zari Hassan who left him earlier this year and deleted all their photos taken together.

This is, especially because, one post was captioned ukiachwa achika (If someone leaves you, move on). While some called it freedom of expression, some thought it was immature of him to display his escapades, especially with two different women on social media on the same day.

Even though none of the women in question commented on the videos, social media users could not helpsaying he was disrespectful to the women.

The bigger question, however, remained; where do you draw the line between freedom of expression as a single person and immaturity. Psychologically speaking, when people post such photos on the web, they may be trying to pass a message.

It may be to express hidden complexes or secret desires, which sometimes they don’t realise they are telling the world as explained by psychologist Shelly Mumbi.

“If Diamond’s case was anything to go by, most single people do not mind expressing themselves emotionally and some even sexually. The question is often not in the expression itself, but in the manner and platform in which it is done,” Mumbi says.

“To Diamond and many like him, posting such photos could simply be them telling the world that ‘I’m liberated and ready-to-experiment’.

However, most times people don’t stop to think about whether or not you need to show the world so openly that you’re ‘on the market’ by using your sexy videos as bait and a way to sell yourself,” Mumbi says, adding that people seeking serious relationships would not take that bait.

Tanzanian authorities said Diamond went against the country’s cybercrime law and threshold of decency following the footage. Also, his posts go against the moral standards and cultural norms that Africans have been brought up around.

If only for this reason, Mumbi advises that it is best to keep your relationship off social media all together to avoid unnecessary criticism from third parties. “What happens when people break up? Do they delete all their photos and change their relationship status?

Social media tends to make things more complicated hence the constant need to prove something to your ex(es) or to win the competition from less fortunate friends,” says Mumbi.

In Africa’s conservative society, anything with a sexual connotation immediately stands out as a result of the continent’s cultural taboos. This explains why Diamond’s posts met disapproval, with the exception of a select few who said he was free to do whatever he wanted to.

Mumbi says times have changed and it is, therefore, difficult to point out a specific photo as having crossed the line. “With everyone on social media using nudity, obscenity and sex appeal as an expression of their being, it is hard to tell when the line has been crossed.

Even as it is now, social media users are selective about whom to troll,” she adds. Diamond seemed to have learnt his lesson and apologised for his posts. “I’ve had a long conversation with the authorities and I have learnt that what I did was not right.

As a role model to many young people, not just in Tanzania, but across the continent, posting a private moment was irresponsible of me,” said Diamond. As to whether, he will keep his word, only time will tell.

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