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Desperate escapades

On weekends recreational spots and idle public places have been turned into love dens where couples, especially househelps, low income earners and teenagers engage in indecent acts

It is Sunday afternoon and two lovebirds can be seen strolling around a park hand-in-hand. Their eyes dart from side to side trying to find the perfect spot away from prying eyes. What unravels next is a scene from an X-rated movie.

Recent tales of sexual orgies in recreational facilities as well as public places have elicited heated debate. It all started six years ago when it was revealed that Muliro Gardens, a recreational spot in Kakamega county, had been turned into a den for illicit affairs.

The issue became a Facebook sensation as well as stirred up conversations on how adults could resort to indulging in obscene behaviour in public without thinking about decency.

The debate resurfaced about two weeks ago when some teens were caught indulging in sexual activities at the Michuki Park on Kijabe Street. It’s believed the youth – a boy and seven girls – were engaging in a sex orgy. Apparently, someone was spying on them and they alerted the police.

They were arrested, but later bailed out by their parents. Another popular spot for orgies is a controversial land between Harambe Sacco and Greenspan. Initially, the land was set aside to build sacco houses for staff. The project stalled over an ownership row.

The area is full of shrubs and has been turned into a spot for couples to make out. Househelps are said to visit the area regularly with their lovers. Aisha Mongare, one of the residents, says the land attracts many people, especially the youth.

“The place is busy mostly on Sundays. People who hang out at this place are always in pairs, many of them househelps,” she says. Aisha claims from her kitchen window she can see exactly what happens. She says that the police have arrested a few people, especially when they walk into them. However, many of these people walk away scot-free because of a lacuna in law.

There is no law that clearly stipulates that making love in public is an offence. Last year, Parliament rejected the Sexual Offences (Amendment) Bill 2016 that would have criminalised unwanted bodily contact in crowded public places.

The law only sought to outlaw unwanted bodily contact in public places and not consensual. The city by-laws on public indecency lean more towards dealing with prostitution than willing couples engaging in sex in public.

According to reports from the police, the orgies happen especially among the youth and low-income earners. A police officer, who spoke on condition of anonymity, says they arrest many couples engaging in such acts, but there is nothing they can do about it because most of the time the suspects are bailed out as there is no specific law against having sex in public places.

“It would have been best if these people were locked up or slapped with a huge fine to teach them and everyone else a lesson,” he says. According to the source, 90 per cent of the people who are caught are either househelps, low-income earners and teenagers.

This is because they see the land as an idle place that they can use for free for their escapades. “It is true we are living in a rotten society, but some things need to stop.

We are always on the lookout because leaving this matter untouched encourages rape. What we are doing as the police is to ensure that such matters are monitored closely,” he says. He urges the city council to beef up security at the recreational places to ensure that there is no repeat of the same in the near future.

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