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Back to work! Well, not virtually

On this very day, I should be reporting back to work, but I’m not. I’m not boycotting either. I, however, have an excuse that sells. Yvette, my house help took a week away from work.

I need to write to my boss and inform him, rather request for extra days off my annual leave. I actually have an open email already addressed to him, with no content yet. Beside me is a calculator, my scribbling pad and a pen. I’ll tell you what that is for in just a minute.

I’ve been busy

It’s been three months since I took leave and to be honest, I have never been so exhausted! The most I sleep at night is five hours and I am not a day-nap enthusiast; never been.

Couple that with my recent freelancing mischiefs and you have one super-tired (and wise…and rich) woman! I may be going back to work, but I’m more hopeful than I’ve ever been. Did I tell you I landed a promising Kenyan freelancing employer? If I didn’t was probably busy.

Writing. So I landed one after I learnt how to pitch for clients. I was immediately employed and began earning as I trained.

Chop off my salary?

It was fast and crazy at first writing well over 2,000 words per article…I learnt the ropes and once even wrote a 6,000+word article that got published! I’ve risen in my writing technique to a point my trainer wants to hire me full time.

Now, the reason I have these items beside me is simple. I’m calculating how much I earn per hour so I can request time off from my boss. I’m going to ask for flexible hours at work.

If he doesn’t agree, (I highly doubt that he won’t), then I will offer to forfeit part of my salary, chopping off two hours worth each day. If he says no, then I have no idea what to do next. What’s certain though is that I have a potential long-term client who might save me from the pangs of an eight to five schedule.

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