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Turning rains into money

Francis Muli @PeopleDailyke

The most successful people see every situation as an opportunity to earn an extra coin, however difficult it may seem. Others will call it a blessing in disguise. The same applies to the rainy season.

By the end of the rainy season, some people will be richer while others will be poorer. It all depends on the mentality and the speed with which you seize opportunities. Below are some business ideas that can earn you quick money during this period of long rains.


Since the rains started in March, the weather has always been unpredictable with rain widespread and possible at any time of day. This is the most opportune time to hang out with your umbrellas and sell to make good money.

It is advisable that you buy your stock when the weather is dry and sell them when the rains start. You can make thousands of shillings within very few hours, just like a joke. However, as you sell be very alert of the city askaris otherwise you might end up spending the night in the cold.


You will always meet both young and old with backpacks during this rainy season. Most probably they are carrying an extra pair of shoes to change when they enter their places of work.

Offer them an alternative of gumboots, which are suitable for such weather. This can kick-start you to be an entrepreneur, successfully making transition from current position to an entrepreneur without missing a single beat.

Car wash business

Most car owners are using them during this period. Due to the muddy conditions, they cannot remain clean for long. This makes the existing car wash centres too busy.

You do not need expensive machines to open a car wash. All you need is water vessels and some manpower. Make the prices reasonable and you will reap big.

Raincoats and warmth apparel

For people who work in the rain and cannot use umbrellas, raincoats are the best options. Sell them raincoats and you will be amazed at how they scramble to buy.

For the general public, sell them warmth apparel to prevent them from common cold. You can stock gloves, cardigans, sweaters, hood jumpers and jackets.

Tea and coffee

If you can get space around a busy place, it is the perfect time to start selling coffee and tea. Kenyans like tea and coffee during cold weather to warm them up.

If you cannot afford to open a coffee joint, you can make tea or coffee at home and carry it in a vacuum flask and sell at work to colleagues.

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