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Love of my life – Bride: Susan Wairimu weds Brian Kariuki

Bride: Susan Wairimu
Groom: Brian Kariuki
Venue: Sheria House and Rosslyn Riviera Mall for the reception
Date: February 14, 2018
Photography: Rael
Bride’s gown: Yvonne (@aftrostreetcollection)
Make-up: Maureen (Lintons Beauty)

Marcella Akinyi

How did you meet?

Susan: I was 18 years when I met him one day as I was coming from church with my small brother. He was in a group of five boys and they surrounded my brother and I, demanding that we shake their hands.

I was tiny and shy, and did not even attempt to look up even once. I just ran home and after 20 minutes, my neighbour called to tell me there was a man looking for me. When I went out, there stood before me a tall light guy, who had his hair braided. Let’s just say it was not love at first sight because of the hair, which was a no-no, especially with my mum.

How long was it before you started dating?

We didn’t hit it off immediately since I was still not convinced about him. We were friends for about four years since he left to study at the university, and I too left home for college, but we would always keep in touch. We started dating seriously after he finished studies, and got engaged in 2014.

How did he propose?

He proposed on Valentine’s Day. We were just chilling in the house. I was not expecting anything big, as he was not the ‘surprise’ kind of guy. None of us had even taken a shower, then he suddenly went down on his knee. I actually thought he had dropped something on the floor, when he unexpectedly produced a tiny red box. I really can’t remember what he said, all I remember saying was ‘Yes, yes!’

Challenges of planning your wedding?

Four years and two babies later, we felt it was time to wed, but we had a lot of things to consider since we had a family to take care of and other bills too. All the same, my dream wedding was small, rustic and super cozy with only family and very few friends.

Did you use a wedding planner or a committee?

I had thought of hiring a wedding planner considering the nature of my job and my husband’s, but I later on reconsidered, since I knew what I wanted, and our budget couldn’t allow us to have one. In any case, I’m usually particular about how things are done, so I wanted to be directly involved in everything. We never had a committee since we wanted to have something we could afford rather than burden people with our demands.

How did you find your wedding suppliers?

They were recommendations from friends. I actually just had three suppliers. My amazing photographer Rael did all the décor, took awesome photos and was the most professional person I’ve ever met.

What were the highlights of your wedding?

Our wedding was just perfect. Everything was simple but elegant, and at the same time, it was filled with genuine love, which was all I ever wanted on my day. I was walking in the streets of Nairobi on a busy Wednesday morning in a gown, people staring at us like we are crazy or something, and having the love of my life marry me.

What was the theme of your wedding?

The theme colours were white, gold and pink. Pink was a last option, since I gave my two bridesmaids the liberty of choosing their own dresses in whatever colour they wanted.

What advice can you give couples planning a wedding?

Do what you can afford, go for discounts, minimal is good. Also, use professionals, they make everything look good. Invest in a good photographer because you want beautiful memories, and a good make-up artist.

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