Kirinyaga DG victim of cartel, police now say

Mathew Ndung’u and Oliver Musembi @PeopleDailyke

Police say a woman at the centre of Kirinyaga deputy governor Peter Ndambiri’s sex scandal is a serial extortionist operating in cahoots with armed men to target high profile personalities for blackmail.

Police say the cartel uses the woman who woos rich men into having an affair with her. Once they are entrapped, she waits for the opportune moment when she woos them into a lodging where she tips her male accomplices to strike, with one of them claiming to be her husband.

The woman in the video with the deputy governor has been identified as the same one in another video that went viral sometime back, in which an ACK pastor was caught in an compromising position with her in a lodging.

A scenario similar to that of the deputy governor unfolded, with the woman’s “husband” storming the room with other men and harassing the two as they filmed the scene. In the pastor’s case, the woman was seen giggling behind the pastor.

The suspects, including the woman, were arrested and the case is pending before a Thika court, scheduled for hearing on May 10. Detectives are now investigating the cartel believed to be led by the woman, said to have graduated as a nurse from the Kenya Medical Training College (KMTC) Machakos. She is believed to live at Membley estate, Ruiru.

A prison warder based in Kirinyaga county is among two suspects arrested yesterday in connection with the extortion incident involving Ndambiri.

Police sources said the deputy governor positively identified the suspects who are being held at Thika Police Station following their arrest in Wanguru, Kirinyaga county.

Thika DCIO Linus Owago confirmed police are holding the warden and are following crucial leads to arrest other accomplices. According to police sources, the deputy governor had earlier agreed to pay Sh5 million to the extortionists to spare himself the embarrassment but he turned down their demands after he suspected they would continue to fleece him even if he paid them.

He reportedly refused to pay and dared them to post the video. Police say the woman has prime property in Membley estate which she uses to lure men by offering it for sale.

Men who agree to view the property are confronted by the “husband” and other cartel members and terrorised at gunpoint, made to strip and forced to agree to a coined-up conversation, police said. A first-time MP from Nyanza is one of those said to have fallen into the hands of the gang.

Police believe he paid a large sum of money in exchange for having the videos deleted. A senior media personality is also a victim.

According to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations boss George Kinoti, the woman, working in cahoots with a group of armed men, is known to have ensnared five high flying personalities who have been victims of the group. They volunteered some information to detectives after they were extorted millions of shillings by the cartel that mainly operates in Juja, Ruiru and Thika.

Also said to have fallen into the cartel’s trap is a speaker of a county assembly, a Catholic priest, a prominent businessman in Nairobi and a former MP from Machakos county.

“It is callous blackmail that we cannot allow to continue. Men have been suffering in silence because they fear coming out in the open to face the embarrassment,” Kinoti said.

Kinoti has now called upon all men who may have fallen into the hands of the cartel to volunteer information to his office in confidence, with an assurance that victims would be offered witness protection.

The light-skinned woman is believed to have framed several high profile persons including businessmen and doctors who have opted to pay up to avoid exposure.

Details unearthed by the People Daily indicate the woman and her cartel were first arrested when the ACK pastor threw caution to the wind and reported to the police.

She and two men were arrested and booked at Ruiru police station under OB: 263/310/017 and later charged in a Thika court under file number 4531/017 with robbery and attempted murder. The case is coming for hearing on May 10.

Ruiru OCPD James Kibet confirmed the case yesterday saying they were working closely with Thika police to have others brought to book. According to Kirinyaga Jubilee party vice chairman Muriithi King’ara, the woman is the same one who set up another pastor in 2014.

King’ara said Ndambiri was unwittingly lured into an extortion ring involving the woman whom he well knew. King’ara who accompanied the deputy governor to record a statement with Thika Police on Wednesday said the “crooked but beautiful lady” had wreaked havoc on many pastors whom she lured by asking for private prayers in her house.

“The deputy governor had earlier settled to meet the woman at a notable hotel in Thika before she insisted that the DG himself should go unaccompanied by his bodyguards.

That is when the woman plus the hired goons hijacked Ndambiri forcing him to undress before compelling him to state his relationship with the woman,” said King’ara.

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