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Sophie Njoka @PeopleDailyKe The family of the slain British Aristocrat Lord Nicholas Monson’s has asked Mombasa court to charge two police officers with the murder of their son Alexander Monson.

Through Alfred Olaba and Yusuf Abubakar, the family told principal magistrate Richard Odenyo that Corporal Naftali Chege and Joseph Munyiri should be held accountable for the death at Diani Police Station.

The duo informed the court that Alexander’s death was as a result of assault by two officers at the cells where he was detained. “Most of the evidence linked the duo to the death of the Briton, who died while chained on the hospital bed,” Abubakar said.

Olaba said the arrest was a set-up to extort money from Monson and the officers resorted to killing him when they failed to squeeze money out of him.

“Chege in his testimony claims the deceased was arrested for smoking bhang, but all witnesses before your court in their testimony claimed that no one saw him smoking and only saw the half-lit piece of bhang in Chege’s hand,” he said.

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