Bao Box: Dine, Drink and Play

One thing that stood out for me was the no wi-fi provision, so instead of “doing it for the gram” they insist that people talk to each other just like in the good old days

Walking into Baobox Bar and Restaurant in Nairobi reminds me just how wide the hospitality industry has evolved. Located on Pramukh towers, Waiyaki way, Baobox has a rustic but modern feel.

The establishment has both indoor and outdoor-sitting areas and high bar stools with wide game tables on the inside. They use wood pallet seats as tables outdoors, which are covered with Maasai shawls when it gets chilly.

If you plan to visit Baobox, I suggest you go early in order for you to find space, because it gets full real quick. You could also make a reservation during weekdays. Weekends? Well, the early bird catches the worm.

The eatery’s selling point is the board games offered while you dine and wine. So it’s the perfect place to hold group functions whether it’s a birthday or just a hang-out with friends. Just like the food and drinks menu, they hand you the game menu which has over 1,000 board and card games.

We are talking jumanji, monopoly, scrubs, poker draft name it. One thing that stood out form me was the no wi-fi provision, so instead of “doing it for the gram” they insist that people talk to each other like the old days. Plus once you start playing the games, you forget you own a cellphone.

They also have subtle music playing in the background, loud enough to enjoy but also okay that you can have a conversation without shouting. Their menu is not as wide but you can’t miss something you like. It has both vegetarian and non-vegetarian delicacies.

The menu is divided into coffees, teas, milkshakes all-day breakfast meals and desserts. Then there’s another menu that has munchies soups, salads, mains, pizzas and sandwiches. The menu prices are on average, food prices range from Sh400 to Sh1,800.

Depending on your favourite poison, draft beer goes for Sh250 and Sh350 but imported beers cost Sh400 a bottle. I had the nachos for a starter that was actually a shared potion then went for a grilled chicken caesar salad for the main meal. Freshly made and garnished with a bit of olive oil, the chicken was so tasty.

Next, I drank their iced tea just to wash the meal down and, of course, enjoy the sundowner. Unfortunately, at Baobox they don’t have local beers, something I found a bit odd, because hey, so many of us love our beers local.

But they have international brandssuch as Heineken, and if you are a lover of wine, Sangria is an option. To play unlimited games, you pay Sh1,000 but at most you will find yourself playing a max of three games.

Here, you’ll either take time on one of the games or find yourself conversing more. So in case you want to have an adventurous day filled with games, food and friends, this will be a place to put on your dining bucket list.

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