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Meet Sheena Frida Chiteri, founder Strategic Fashion Development Consortium

Sheena Frida Chiteri, founder of Strategic Fashion Development Consortium, an organisation instrumental in formation of National Fashion Council for Kenya, talks to Faith Kyoumukama about her style

My fashion journey began…with my love of art and painting at a young age. Fashion to me is a lifestyle — expressing one’s individual feelings, emotions, personal identity and status to what one is wearing.

My role in the fashion industry…comes in fashion development. I am the founder of Strategic Fashion Development Consortium (SFDC), an organisation instrumental in the formation of National Fashion Council for Kenya.

The all-inclusive Fashion Council is a voice in support of business and trade while encouraging diversity and participation from all Kenyans.

SFDC seeks to inspire, empower, share expertise and knowledge. It works with institutions teaching fashion design, legal professionals and the government to create a functional fashion industry that is credible, dynamic and economically sustainable.

I studied law, but chose to practise it in fashion. My most memorable fashion moment was…meeting the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton at the Buckingham Palace and Dame Anna Wintuor, editor-in-chief of Vogue.

A day in my life as a fashion developer starts at…6am with a strong cup of black coffee.

If money was no object…I would buy the Great Star of Africa, the largest gem diamond in the world cut from Cullinan.

My favourite international designers…is Victoria Beckham. Let’s face it, a bad fashion day for her is rare. One word to best describe her is ‘Posh’. I also love Tom Ford. He is undeniably a man to look out for. I like their simplicity. They are also dynamic in their designs.

I believe you should always…wear a good pair of heels.

Everyone should own…a distinctive piece of jewellery. Watches are my Achilles Heel. I would most love to dress… Super model Naomi Campbell. She is an icon.

If I wasn’t a fashion developer…I’d be a painter, poet or writer. I am wearing Kenyan designers…Deepa Dosaja and Jamil Walji. My best fashion buy…is the perfect shades of lipstick. My go-to accessory are my diamond-studded earings.

My signature scent…j’adore by Christian Dior.

My favourite fabric…at the moment is lace and Ankara. I love exotic varied fabrics and different textures depending on the dress I’m making.

My fashion obsession… is six-inch heels. I can’t live without them.

I stock up on…Mac make-up always. Their products are legit and worth the money.

A well-dressed woman is one who…dresses in a manner that compliments her physical, mental and emotional attributes. Coco Chanel was once quoted saying a woman’s dress should be like a barbed wire fence — serving its purpose without obstructing the view.

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