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Relief as Ndakaini dam water volume increases

The water volume at Ndakaini Dam is increasing following downpour currently pounding parts of Aberdare ranges. Dam manager Job Kihamba said water flow into the dam has been quite low since the beginning of the rainy season because of lack of rains at the Aberdares.

He said the volume had fallen to an all-time low of 1,034 metres but by Monday, it had increased to 1,045 metres. When full to capacity, the water level reaches 1,060 metres.

Low water volumes at the dam occasioned water rationing in Nairobi and its environs. “However from Friday, the water volume has increased to 33.75 per cent from 30pc,” he said.

Ndakaini Dam, which is the main water reservoir for Nairobi, has a storage capacity of 70 million cubic metres. In the past two years, city dwellers have suffered acute shortage of the commodity following low water levels at the dam.

Residents neighbouring the dam had raised concern why the water level had remained low despite the current heavy rainfall countrywide.

Some attributed the problem to increased irrigation on the main streams flowing into the dam with a neighbour James Muchai calling for an audit of the operations within the facility saying that Nairobi Water and Sewerage Company could be pumping out more water than required.

“It is the best time to refill the dam but we are not aware why water volume in the facility remains low despite heavy rains,” said Muchai, who is a director at Makomboki Tea Factory.

Kihamba said dry aquifers are also responsible for the drop. “The aquifers are now saturated and we expected the dam to be recharged quite fast. By the time the the ongoing rainy season ends, we expect the volume to hit 50 per cent,” added Kihamba.

Rivers Githika, Thika and Kayuyu drain their water into the dam. Two years ago, Kayuyu river had dried up following prolonged dry spell.

The officer in charge of Gatare forest in the Aberdares, Joseph Mihiu said five rivers originating from the forest block have been full since the onset of heavy rains. Rivers that originate from Gatare forest block are Irati, Gikigie, Chathanda, Githika and Thika. – KNA Ends

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